Pony Parties & Their Farmyard Friends, age groups 1yr - 8yrs

Wet or Fine, Winter or Summer no problems!

Total party experience at our specially designed indoor party venue. We have our 2 hour hosted party program.

Lots of indoor farm animals and pony riding, personalized coloring in table, collect the chickens eggs, quad bike rides, bouncy castle, music & bubbles, feed and interact with our amazing animals!

We host and entertain your guests through a 2hr full party experience on the farm with a tailored program to suit 1yr- 13yrs including fully catered for the children. All you need to bring is the birthday cake.

  • $430 up to 10 Children & $15 per additional child

  • *November & December Pricing $450 up to 10 children & $15 per additional child

Party booking times available:

10am - 12.00pm | 12.30pm - 2.30pm | 3pm - 5pm
Open Tuesday - Sunday (ask about our special mid week price)

Additional Catering Options for your Guests

  • The Shearers Basket $40 (selection of mixed savories inc. vegetarian)

  • The Grazing Platter $40 (crackers with a selection of cheese, hummus and fruit)

We also serve FREE tea and coffee as apart of your relaxing time with us.

We are a family focus with Adults being free of charge and we welcome grandmas, granddads & nanas etc. to our Pony Parties Farm.

 Check out our Disco Barnyard Parties as an option for the older age groups

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